NOTE: Our schedule is subject to change as of summer 2022 due to the current pandemic


Monday through Friday 

midnight 12a-2am Tejano nonstop night time

2am-4am Chicano Oldies but goodies

4am-12pm Tejano nonstop AM

12pm-1pm Best of Noches pesadas Tejano show and podcast

1pm-2pm Tejano nonstop midday

2pm-3pm Linea Abierta live call in talk show regarding affairs of importance to Latino community

3pm-8pm Tejano nonstop PM (3pm-6pm Friday)


9pm-11pm Todo a Pulmón (Rock en Español/Latin Alternative Music)


9p-11p Gritos de Silencio (Rock en Español/Latin Alternative Music)



6pm-8pm Tejano Gold Countdown

8pm-9pm Freestyle Friday

9pm-10pm The mix show

10pm-11pm Mix Show Rebroadcast

11pm-12a La Hora Pisteadora


12am-7am Tejano non stop weekend

7am-11am Amanecer Norteño

9am News Edición Semanaria

9:15am-11am Amanecer Norteño continues

11am News Edición Semanaria

11:15am-6pm Onda Tejana beat (live Tejano requests)

6pm-7pm nonstop tejano weekend

7pm-8pm Lo mejor de Entre botas y Sombreros Radio con Tony's Western Wear y sus invitados

8pm nonstop tejano weekend

8:30pm-10pm Noches Pesadas Tejano show and podcast

10pm - Nonstop Tejano weekend



12am-8am nonstop tejano weekend

8am-10am La cita con el recuerdo (Oldies in Spanish)

10:30am-3pm nonstop Tejano weekend

3pm-5pm Tejano Gold Countdown

5pm-7pm Noches Pesadas Tejano show and podcast

7pm-9pm Nonstop tejano weekend

9pm-10pm Latin alternative show

10pm-11pm Bienvenidos a America (call-in immigration show)

11pm - 12am Tejano nonstop Sunday